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A not uncommon symbol in India, it is said that Lord Vishnu’s first incarnation (avatar) was as a fish. Widely used for auspicious occasions, especially those connected with marriage, the fish symbolizes fecundity, abundance and prosperity. One of the eight sacred symbols of the Buddha , the fish symbolizes happiness and freedom.

Stylized 20K-22K antique Indian fish pendant -- inset with faceted clear glass as well as & green & red glass cabochons. Enlivened by 21 gold dangles (ghrungrus) along the bottom edge, it rests on faceted deep-green emerald rondelles accented with 18K gold. Pendant drop 1 1/4".
  • One of a kind
  • Length: 18″
  • 18K yellow gold, 20-22K yellow gold
  • $2,110
  • Collection: Ancient Splendor
  • #E70403C

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