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Harmonic Convergence
Harmonic Convergence Harmonic Convergence Harmonic Convergence Harmonic Convergence

“Harmonic Convergence”

Chief solar deity in Hinduism, Surya, the sun god, is revered as the visible form of God. Often portrayed riding across the sky in his chariot, it is harnessed by seven horses, or one horse with seven heads, representing the seven colors of the rainbow or the seven chakras. A symbol of energy and power in the body, the yogic Sun Salutation pose is a form of worship to him. The barbed arrowhead form of the amulet represents a pipal tree leaf, sacred to Hindus and Buddhists alike.

A magnificent antique 20K-22K Indian plaque amulet with two bezel-set fuchsia stones, depicts Surya , the sun god. On generously sized faceted, blood-red, semi-transparent "pears" of Indian garnet with 18K accents. Large 18K safety clasp. Pendant 2 7/8" x 2 1/4".
  • One of a kind
  • Length: 19½″
  • 18K yellow gold, 20-22K yellow gold
  • $7,230
  • Collection: Ancient Splendor
  • #E70912C

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