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"The real truth is that you are out of this world! You are all that and a bread basket! Your value exceeds your own knowledge much of the time. How and why can this be said of you? Well because it’s true! You are as unique as your fingerprint, nobody can fill your shoes, or even come close to playing the part in the the greatest blockbuster movie production you will ever know. That movie is called, "Your Life", and you are the star of it!"

Screamingly mood lifting! The warm earthy colors of this one-of-a-kind brightly banded semi-transparent faceted fluorite pendant glow with subtle energy - accompanied by each one-of-a-kind coordinating "fluorite pillow." On handmade 18K gold chain.
  • Limited edition
  • Length: 18″
  • 18K yellow gold
  • $1,540
  • Collection: C Squared
  • #E71005A

Pantone Spring 2015:

Lucite® Green Custard

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