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Choose Joy
Choose Joy

“Choose Joy”

The pursuit of happiness is a matter of is a positive attitude we choose to express. It is not a gift delivered to our door each morning, nor does it come through the window. And it is certain that our circumstances are not the things that make us joyful. If we wait for them to get just right, we will never laugh again.”
― Charles R. Swindoll

A single 22.5 ct faceted semi-transparent banded fluorite drop on handmade 18K figure-eight chain. Faceted semi-transparent banded fluorite rectangle dangle off the clasp. Pendant drop 2".
  • One of a kind
  • Length: 18″
  • 18K yellow gold
  • Collection: C Squared
  • #E71130A

Pantone Spring 2015:

Lucite® Green

Contact Mia Gemma for availability and price.

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