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Elle Schroeder I make no apologies about my passion – I was born with it. As a child, I collected every piece of quartzite in my grandmother’s driveway because it sparkled. With my first allowance I bought 3 polished green agates. So, it’s no surprise to family & friends that I became a jewelry artist – just that it took so long.

A Buddhist-inspired adage says “right work is when all of one’s life experiences come together.” In 2002, after 20 years in high-tech—bisected by a 2 ½ year adventure in the South Pacific—an ‘accidental’ encounter led to an epiphany. In one brief moment I saw my future. Reconnecting with stones, I had discovered my right work.

Another serendipitous nudge from the Universe quickly followed: I discovered Australian boulder opal. Love at first sight, especially for a double Libra; lapidary and metalsmithing classes have followed. Continuing exploration in the gem world opened a door to antique high carat gold plaque amulets and jewel-laden Mughal-style pieces from India. Which has led to more amazing contacts and gems coming my way. One-of-a-kind designs that are the light-hearted result of happy energy, superb gems and spectacular color combinations.

My design inspiration originates from my passion for the earthy splendor of ancient cultures, travel and the natural world. Customers at my shows frequently compare viewing my antiquity-inspired designs to a museum experience. But with one major difference: they can own the piece that most stirs their heart.

Five very different collections, one common thread: a glorious blend of balance, color & flow.

Antiquity-inspired conversation-starting jewelry

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