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Secrets Secrets Secrets


Wearing an amulet is a visible sign of a wearer’s devotion to a particular deity as the deity, pleased by this show of faith, will be more likely to comply with requests. The purpose of amulet containers is to protect and prolong the power of the objects they enclose, often paper amulets. Containers without visible access aren"t meant just to hold but also to seclude the objects from view. To allow others even visual contact can cause them to become ‘contaminated’ losing their power.

A antique 20K-22K "barrel" amulet holder on faceted red almandine garnet &18K. (NOTE: This garnet is difficult to accurately photograph due to the presence of mica in the stone which gives a "sheen" to the surface of bead - a sheen that makes it sparkle, much like black diamonds.
  • One of a kind
  • Length: 16″
  • 18K yellow gold, 20-22K yellow gold
  • $815
  • Collection: Ancient Splendor
  • #E30602C
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