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Down to the Sea
Down to the Sea Down to the Sea Down to the Sea

“Down to the Sea”

Chief of the Celestials, a disguised Lord Vishnu, asks the arrogant Demon King Bali, ruler of sky and earth, for a plot of land, a mere three paces wide upon which to meditate. Bali agrees whereupon with his first pace, no longer disguised, Vishnu covers all of the earth. With his second he covers all the heavens. Bali, realizing he’s been tricked, battles with Vishnu. During the struggle, Vishnu prevails, breaking Bali"s body into pieces, taking on the shape of gems and jewels. Bali"s blood flows down to the sea forming coral.

Delicate deep red graduated coral frangia is paired with carved deep blue Afghani lapis lazuli beads - intricately carved in the Chinese style. 18K gold accents. Large 18K gold safety clasp. (Coral imported with required CITES permits.)
  • One of a kind
  • Length: ″
  • $2,183
  • Collection: Silk Road
  • #E30805A

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