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Especially popular in mid-to-southern India, particularly Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the thali is a gold pendant worn on a marriage cord. Often a phallic symbol, the thali is the main symbol of matrimony, considered an auspicious amulet. Indeed, the bride herself is considered auspicious because by wearing the ornament she becomes immune to the evil eye. Tying the thali around the neck of the bride, by the groom, is the most important ceremony in the wedding.

A small antique 20K-22K Indian thali with a faceted green-gold tourmaline drop on faceted center-drilled brown, green and gold tourmaline drops with 18K gold accents.
  • One of a kind
  • Length: 18″
  • 18K yellow gold, 20-22K yellow gold
  • $2,795
  • Collection: Ancient Splendor
  • #E50115A

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