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Into the Blue
Into the Blue Into the Blue Into the Blue Into the Blue

“Into the Blue”

When you're in a fighter jet and there's a dark layer of clouds with just one blue hole with the sun going through it, you shoot for that hole. You go vertical into the light, and suddenly, instead of gray and dark, it"s light and blue. You are totally connected with the elements. You are in another world.
- Yves Rossy

Fifty exquisitely slim strands of the tiniest deep blue Afghani lapis lazuli heishi -- artfully accented with tiny faceted 18K beads. Wear twisted torsade-style or let simply drape. 18K gold adjustable clasp.
  • Limited edition
  • Length: 21″
  • 18K yellow gold
  • $1,995
  • Collection: Silk Road
  • #E50617A

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