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Spirit Spirit Spirit


No doubt about it, she had moxie, more backbone, grit, determination and fortitude than any handful of people she"d come across. If there had been a picture in the dictionary to illustrate moxie, it would have been hers. Yes, she was zip full of it, blessed with the ability to face any difficulty with spirit and courage. She had always known in her bones that when you have the courage to do what you need to do, you unleash mighty forces that come to your aid.

A multi-sided freeform Australian boulder opal chock-a-block full of intense color - hangs on semi-transparent faceted briolettes of brilliantly blue Brazilian kyanite & 18K gold accents. Pendant drop 1 1/4".
  • One of a kind
  • Length: 18″
  • 18K yellow gold
  • $2,995
  • Collection: Dreamtime
  • #E70718A

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