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Celebration Celebration


In India, marriage and jewelry are inseparably interlinked. A special category of adornment -- marriage ornaments -- serve to convey a married woman’s status. The thali is a gold pendant worn on a marriage cord or mangalsutram (mangal meaning “propitious, blessed, happy, successful, prosperous” and sutrum, “cord”). Often a phallic symbol, the thali, analogous to the wedding ring in Western society, is considered an auspicious amulet.

An antique 20K-22K thali (marriage ornament) from the south of India, with an inset faceted reddish-pink glass stone, on graduated faceted Burmese rubies and 18K gold. Pendant drop 1 5/8".
  • One of a kind
  • Length: 19″
  • 18K yellow gold, 20-22K yellow gold
  • $4,795
  • Collection: Ancient Splendor
  • #E70328A

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