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Artfully Repurposed:
Antique Indian Plaque Amulets & Mughal-style Pendants
Rajasthan, the Taj Mahal, Ganesh and Kali, images that evoke the mystery and magnificance of an ancient land. But for many, India brings to mind the magestic opulance associated with its long tradition of personal adornmentโ€ฆ
ancient splendor

The earthy splendor of ancient Mediterranean civilizations and more recent ones like the Byzantine Empire and Mughal India inspires all my work but particularly the Ancient Splendor Collection. An obvious form of beautification, Indian jewelry also functions as a vital repository of shared meaning, a visual language expressing spiritual protection, prosperity and social definition. Working with a variety of antique 20K-22K plaque amulets and gem-studded Mughul-style pieces, I reincarnate them, so to speak, pairing each exceptional link to the past with high quality gems & 18K gold to create an ethno contemporary look, traditional Indian motifs w/a modern twist. Every piece I work with arouses my curiosity about the person for whom it was originally made; however that story is long gone. But each time one of my pieces finds a new home, another fascinating story begins...

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