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Pompeii Pompeii


At the time of the eruption of 79 AD, Vesuvius was considered a divinity of the "Genius" type -- a general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place, or thing -- it appears under the inscribed name Vesuvius as a serpent in the decorative frescos of many lararia , or household shrines, surviving from Pompeii. An inscription to IOVI VESVVIO indicates that he was worshipped as a power of Jupiter; that is, Jupiter Vesuvius.

Known as vesuvianite, vassonite and idiocrase , this gem was first discovered adjacent to lavas on Mount Vesuvius. Faceted, nearly transparent olive green "pillows" and complementary 18K beads are sprinkled throughout a versatile 30 inch handmade 18K oval chain.
  • One of a kind
  • Length: 30″
  • 18K yellow gold
  • $1,399
  • Collection: C Squared
  • #E71020A
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