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California Chic:
Cool, Casual and Contemporary
Whatever your favorite "c" word above, California’s the land of the laid back vibe. A place that never takes itself too seriously. Home of Hollywood, perpetual tans, Golden Gates and luxurious leisure. Take a load off, girl. Relax. It’s time to play...
c squared

In early 2008, focusing on the more laid-back California lifestyle, I introduced the C Squared Collection – representing California ‘casual,’ ‘cool,’ ‘chic’ or ‘contemporary’ – pick your favorite. Although one of the hallmarks of my jewelry is that almost any piece can be ‘dressed up’ or ‘dressed down,” C Squared is a more slimmed down version of my ‘conversation-starting’ jewelry, emphasizing a single stunning gem pendant, an exquisite single strand of AAA gems, or a sprinkling of gems, like diamond beads on my hand-soldered 18K chain. My favorite way to wear C Squared? That’s easy -- a great pair of jeans, a favorite pair of boots or stilettos and a tailored open-throated shirt. Add a simple C Squared piece, grab a hot handbag and you’re ready to go, California-style.

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