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Exceptional Gems:
Important Pieces for Big Personalities
Mistress of her own fate, a woman of rare talent, mastering the game of life, one day at a time. A Prima Donna - as in “First Lady” - and worth every penny. High maintenance never looked so good. Sweet

It was my exposure to exceptional one-of-a-kind bead strands that inspired the Diva Collection, designed for the assertive, self-confident woman for whom jewelry is a fundamental expression of self and style. As I tell my customers, “Diva” designs are not for the timid. A Diva piece is the reward we’ve earned for getting to that place in life where we finally know who we are. It takes a certain age and presence -- attributes often associated with an individual‘s level of self knowledge -- to be able to pull off a natural comfort with these bold pieces. Diva women have grown into their authentic selves. They know every day is precious, a gift, a reason to celebrate. And what better way to express the beauty of who we are within than to wear something outside that is unique, exceptional and gorgeous?

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