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The Rebellious Sea of the Heart
Gems of the Rainbow Serpent:
Australian Boulder Opal
In the beginning was the Dreaming, when the Rainbow Serpent came from beneath the ground, singing into existence the name of everything that is, leaving a rainbow trail across the geography of

Constituting less than 1/5 of total Australian opal production, the ’heavenly marriage of ironstone and opal’ is widely regarded as one of the planet’s most beautiful gemstones. My Dreamtime Collection of boulder opal jewelry honors opal’s Aussie origin as well as the infinite spiritual cycle Australia’s original inhabitants call “the dreaming.” Boulder opal is a talismanic stone to me. More deeply ‘earth-connected,’ more ‘grounded’ than any other gem I work with, I find it awesome that every opal is a piece of the oldest continent on earth. Boulder opal also speaks to me of diversity, commonality and strength. While, like opals, we are each on the surface unique and colorful characters, under that thin facade of difference we are more alike than not, sharing the same basic fears, hopes and concerns. And, just as boulder opal’s ironstone backing makes it much more durable than its solid opal counterpart, so do we individually and collectively possess a powerful strength and durability.

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