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The end of things is often foretold in their origins, she knew - if one’s really paying attention. Because she could see when she met him that her dazzling style, her flamboyance and flair made him slightly uneasy, like she was an exotic pet that might suddenly bite a guest. Or cartwheel off the balcony. He never quite knew what to expect and it bothered him, a lot. For one brief moment, she’d almost let him cap her spirit, dampen her excitement about life. "In the end," she thought, "is it any wonder that those who dance are thought to be crazy by those who can’ hear the music."

Twenty-six strands of tiny red coral beads - interspersed with 18K gold faceted beads - drape beautifully on any neck. Wear as a twisted torsade or let hang loose. 18K adjustable clasp, red coral dangle. (Coral imported with required CITES permits.)
  • One of a kind
  • Length: 18-19″
  • 18K yellow gold
  • $1,271
  • Collection: Silk Road
  • #E70907C

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