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Paying Homage:
Earth's Most Ancient Gems
Kubla Khan, Samarkand, Kashgar & Tashkent. Names that conjure romantic images of ancient camel caravans, remote oases colorful bazaars and tenacious traders transporting exotic wares across high deserts and wind-swept steppes...
silk road

Admiration for the oldest jewelry related materials known on earth inspired my Silk Road Collection. More elemental than the Diva Collection, it showcases ancient ‘gems’ like carnelian, lapis, coral, turquoise, agate, jasper, crystal quartz and even lava. Still hugely popular today, these gems have been found among artifacts of the world‘s oldest cultures from the Indus River Valley to Mesopotamian Sumer to Egypt to the New World. The beauty of these highly regarded and auspicious gems -- usually the exclusive prerogative of royalty -- represented great spiritual protection, making the earliest jewelry amuletic in nature. But of course, I‘m sure it didn‘t take long, historically-speaking, for ‘protection‘ to become the transparent excuse for wearing something that made the wearer feel beautiful and privileged -- just the way I want my customers to feel.

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